Very nice experience.
Carol A
Seamless transaction, constant communication & professionalism.
Holly M
Leslie was extremely pleasant and thorough and walked me through every step of the way and was truly concerned on my well being. Leslie is GREAT! I would recommend her 100%! Thank you Leslie
Jill A
David Williams was highly informed and knowledgeable of the market and what we were looking to accomplish.
Patrick W
Dave cares about the people he works with. He gets the business done and there's trust he'll take care of your family.
Anna P
Leslie went above and beyond and was helpful every step of the way highly recommended to deal with her and family first funding
Joseph A
Mauris toro lara is a great person to work with he explains every with lots of details and when ever i need to asks him a question I would just call him and he would always answer.
Victor M
Hope we can work again, he is so professional and understanding I really happy with him thanks Amauris
Pamela C
Wendy kept things uncomplicated, precise and running smoothly without missing a beat. I was impressed
Debra A
Mauris, kept up the communications and always answered when I called. He’s an instrumental component to the team and making the deal.
Estanislao D
We finally got the deal closed !
Shelae L
From the very beginning our experience was issue after issue. I wrote that things were 'okay' because in the end, we ended up with our dream home. Ultimately, right before our closing date, 3 people in the company were involved in helping us getting the clear to close. While we are extremely grateful to have ended up in our home and for the work everyone put in, I do think some things could have been better organized.
Matthew J
Mike and his team were able to get the closing done very quickly. The buyer had some issues and once all was inline Mike was able to get it to closer sooner then expected.
Daniel and his team are very professional and a geniuses when it comes to getting a buyer approved. I made the mistake of being lured by another brother, delayed the process for one month only to end up back with Daniel. Jorge a new Livinston, NJ resident thanks to Daniel and his team at Fam1fund.
Jorge R
Everyone was Kind, Informative, great communication, Answered all my question and quickly responded.
Patricio A